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Tamil Movies Movie Review

Tamil Movies Movie Review
Behindwoods Movie Review Board - Aalwar: film review - Ajith is your saving grace - Cast: Ajith, Asin, Vivek, Manorama - Management: Chella - Music: Srikanth Deva - Producti
on: Mohan Natarajan - When a manager debuts, great things are not anticipated. The debutant is anticipated to not make a hash of the job. Chella manages to do that. He'd all the makings of a winner with him. Ajith, hot after Ajiths, Asin and Varalaaru pair in Vivek, Varalaaru and a few others. The film does not live up to what has been anticipated after Varalaarus success from Ajith. Beginning with the script, it starts and stops every few minutes.

The momentum is never gathered, its in fits and starts. The script author seems perplexed as to how he'd like to treat the movie. The movie starts with Ajith. Righteous since the protagonist would be supposed to be, he becomes a thorn in your flesh of a guys that were devious. His family is wiped out by them and what follows is vengeance's saga. Sounds familiar, does not it. But things may have been implemented with this storyline that was jaded. The directors immaturity shows through. He tries to delight lovers in an effort, but falls short. Existence is. Scenes involving the supreme star leaves an impression.

However the moment he's off the screen the film sags and also drags until he returns again. Other characters haven't been well etched. Asin is wasted. She comes and also goes in the songs. The few scenes that she's, appear tiring. Keerthi Chawla, your other heroine has almost absolutely nothing to do. Vivek, out of shape for quite some time carries on his lean patch. His attempt to make your audience smile elicits little response, your script too fails to support him. Veteran, Manorama comes and also goes, not much to mention. The primary villains cast in stone expressions don't help the main cause of the film.list of the movies

He doesn't Look threatening enough to provide strength to Ajiths character. The fight scenes, choreographed by Super Subbarayan are one of your few highlights of your film. Ajith has performed every one of them wholeheartedly, hats off to him. Camerawork too maintains respectable standards. Music by Srikanth Deva is regular at best. Cannot say which Chella has no future, but he needs to work really hard on of his script writing and presentation. Ajith and on your other hand squanders all of his hard work with a bad choice of film. He definitely must pay more attention to your offers which he accepts.
Tamil Movies Movie Review Tamil Movies Movie Review Reviewed by mr Bsy on March 27, 2020 Rating: 5

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